Kew Science Festival

Taking our research out of the labs and into the gardens.

Science festival Wakehurst

We want to make Kew a world leader in visitor engagement, bringing science to life in new and innovative ways, and inspiring curiosity across diverse audiences.

Our vision is for all visitors to leave the gardens understanding why plants and fungi matter to the world and, why we need to study and conserve them. 
Our annual Science Festival is an opportunity for families of all ages to get a closer look at what research we do as part of an interactive and fun day out. The gardens at Kew and Wakehurst provide inspiring and unique settings for sharing the wonders of plants and fungi and the work of our scientists.  

Kew Science Festival 2019

The Science Festival 2019 will be at Wakehurst on Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May and at Kew on Saturday 20 July and Sunday 21 July. Both events will run from 10am to 5pm. The theme will be 'Rare and Threatened' and our scientists will come out of their labs and return from far-flung expeditions to bring their scientific work to life in the gardens. They take part in pop-up science sessions, behind-the-scenes tours, hands-on activities, talks and shows. 
Entrance to the festival is included free of charge in the standard admission to Kew Gardens and Wakehurst. All ages are welcome. 

Kew Science Festival, Wakehurst

Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst

Grab your goggles, slip on a lab coat and get stuck in to the Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst.

Join us at Wakehurst 25 & 26 May 2019
Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst hosts, RBG Kew/Jim Holden

Kew Science Festival

Join us for a weekend of fun-filled activities with our scientists at Kew Gardens.

Join us at Kew Gardens 20 & 21 July 2019

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