Weighing medicinal plant products in China

Services we offer

MPNS offers a range of information services based on our unique global and authoritative resources and on the expertise of staff at Kew.

Each service is tailored to the needs of a specific audience and will enable more efficient and accurate use of plant names – reducing our clients' costs and facilitating more effective communication and better targeted research across the health sector. MPNS is actively engaged with partners in promoting global, industry-wide data standards.

To discover more about these services and how they can benefit your organisation, contact us at mpns@kew.org.


We will validate, update and enrich your list(s) of plant names. We will correct spellings, detect ambiguities and duplication, provide a consistent modern plant taxonomy and enrich your dataset with all known synonyms for each plant and embed persistent digital identifiers to facilitate data maintenance and future updates.

Data sets and Control Vocabularies

We provide subsets of MPNS tailored for use in your own database locally. These may also serve as terminological controls to enhance future data entry into your systems.

Web Services

MPNS supplies a medicinal plant name vocabulary for use in the ISO Standard “Identification of Medicinal Products IDMP”.  Users employ the MPNS Web Service to download the IDMP vocabulary and refresh it over time to reflect a) additions to the plants, drugs and names included and b) corrections and updates to the underlying plant taxonomy.  The IDMP vocabulary is under version control.  Reports indicate significant changes made in each new Version.


We will map your list of plants onto lists used by other organisations or that are published in legislation for example. We will validate both lists, detect gaps and overlaps ensuring a coherent single list and reliable data exchange despite the use of different names in the multiple lists.


We provide expert advice on the use and interpretation of medicinal plant names, on devising workflows to capture and store scientific plant names appropriately and on how to design database structures to manage scientific plant and herbal drug names appropriately.


We provide specialist best-practice training for people working with medicinal plants or building medicinal plant databases to promote safe efficient working practices. We offer courses at Kew or on-site for clients with larger numbers of staff.