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Engaging, interactive and hands-on, our school programme encourages students to embark on a journey in inquiry-based learning designed to meet curriculum targets across a wide range of subjects including science, maths, English, geography, art and design, technology and more.

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EYFS, 45 mins - Plants growing

Explore the magical world of plants: from super seeds to colourful flowers and amazing leaves.
Ephemeral art using natural materials

EYFS, 45 mins - Story explorers

Ready for an adventure? Explore different parts of the garden and bring the words of poems and stories to life.
Treemendous trees

EYFS, 45 mins – Treemendous trees

Take a voyage of discovery with our wondrous trees from big sturdy roots, wide knobbly trunks to the amazing variety of leaves.
KS1 Colour and seasons at Kew

KS1, 45 mins - Colour and seasons at Kew

Immerse yourself in a world of colour, as you explore the magnificent plant and tree life of Kew Gardens through the seasons.
KS1 Super spines and climbing vines

KS1, 45 mins - Super spines and climbing vines: plants of the rainforest and desert

Are you suited to living in the rainforest or desert? Find out the special ways plants survive in these two very different habitats.
KS1 Amazing plants

KS1, 45 mins – Amazing plants

Students are taken on a multi-sensory journey through the gardens or glasshouses to experience some of Kew’s most amazing plants.
Open traps of the Venus flytrap, seen from above

KS1, 90 mins - Habitats: Minibeasts

What connects carnivorous plants and minibeasts? Take a journey of discovery and investigate Kew’s more ‘unusual’ inhabitants.
KS1 Maths in the great outdoors

KS1, 90 mins - Maths in the Great Outdoors

Allow students to develop confidence and mental fluency in number, measurement, shape and space in the natural environment.
KS1 Plant hunters

KS1, 90 mins - Plant hunters

Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and become a modern day plant hunter in the beauty of Kew’s diverse botanical gardens.
Seeds and fruits (Credit: Wolfgang Stuppy)

KS1, 90 mins - Plant scientists

Become a ‘Kew Horticulturist’ and unlock the secrets of seeds, learn how plants grow from seeds and the factors needed for this to happen.

KS1, 90 mins - Seasons and weather at Kew

Investigate the weather associated with the different seasons at Kew and its effects on plants.
One of the specimens Masson brought back from South Africa was the Eastern Cape giant cycad - the world's oldest pot plant - which can still be seen growing in Kew's Palm House.

KS2, 45 mins - Evolution

Which plants were around at the time of the dinosaurs? Have those plants changed and if so, why?
Digitalis purpurea (common foxglove)

KS2, 45 mins - Medicinal plants, the science of Kew

Do you feel nauseous, have a headache, or need to get rid of a verruca? Then explore the wide range plants at Kew that have medicinal properties.
Pollinator on flowers

KS2, 45 mins - Pollination

What is the link between insects and plants? Why are bees so important? Explore the magnificent plant life of Kew observing pollinators at work.
KS2 Rainforest tastes

KS2, 45 mins - Rainforests: People and Plants

You are stranded in the rainforest, hungry, no shelter and some of your group are ill. Can the plants of the rainforest help you?
Students investigate rainforest plants

KS2, 90 mins - Habitats: Rainforest

Explore the unique and diverse rainforest habitat first-hand.
KS2 Art in nature

KS2, 90 mins - Art in nature

Connect with nature and explore the unique world of ‘form and function’ at the iconic Kew Gardens.
Evolution and adaptation

KS2, 90 mins - Evolution and adaptation

Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and unravel the mysteries of how plants have adapted to a variety of habitats, from the dry deserts to the hot and steamy rainforest.
KS2 Marianne North

KS2, 90 mins - Marianne North, Victorian plant hunter and artist

In this 90 minute session, primary school students will learn about the life and travels of Marianne North, a Victorian naturalist and prolific botanical artist.
Maths in the great outdoors

KS2, 90 mins - Maths in the Great Outdoors

Allow students to develop confidence and mental fluency in number, measurement, shape and space in the natural environment.