12 August 2021

Watch: Naturally Brilliant Colour virtual tour

Go on a virtual gallery tour of our extraordinary exhibition, Naturally Brilliant Colour.

By Katie Avis-Riordan

Naturally Brilliant Colour

Our incredible exhibition, Naturally Brilliant Colour, explores and celebrates the spectacular shades of the natural world.

Displayed in our Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, the exhibition showcases Pure Structural Colour, the boldest, brightest colour on Earth.

These dazzling hues are created in nature by sunlight reflecting off microscopic structures in the surface layers of some plants and animals.

Think of the iridescent blue-greens on butterfly wings and hummingbirds.

For the first time in history, Pure Structural Colour has been recreated by humans.

Artist and scientist Andrew Parker and the scientific researchers at Lifescaped have reproduced the colour artificially using cutting-edge technology.

Join Andrew on this virtual tour to find out more and experience colour like never before.

A display of butterflies painted with Pure Structural Colour

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Experience colour like never before in an exhibition that celebrates the spectacular shades of the natural world.

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