9 November 2021

Watch: Natural Reserve virtual tour

Go on a virtual gallery tour of our new exhibition, Natural Reserve, by award-winning artist and sculptor Zadok Ben-David.

By Grace Brewer

Hand-painted, miniature, etched flowers

Our new exhibition, Natural Reserve, showcases intricate, miniature artworks and monumental installations by internationally-renowned artist Zadok Ben-David

Displayed in our Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, the exhibition explores the delicate relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Natural Reserve offers a unique and timely opportunity, given the ongoing negotiations at COP26, to reflect on the ever-increasing fragility of our natural world in the wake of the crippling climate crisis.

Join Zadok Ben-David on this virtual tour to find out more about his thought-provoking exhibition.

Two people looking at a field of colourful, miniature flowers in sand

Visit Zadok Ben-David: Natural Reserve

Experience an award-winning artist's take on the ever-increasing fragility of our natural world.

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