20 June 2019

An update on our Children’s Garden

Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, Learning and Operations, shares some important updates about our newest family attraction.

By Richard Barley

The Children's Garden at Kew

In May we opened our new Children’s Garden here at Kew Gardens.

The garden offers our young visitors a place to run, jump and play while learning about the different elements that plants need for survival.

I was delighted to see so many of our members and visitors come to visit our newest family attraction, but as a result we have been busier than we anticipated.

To make sure that everyone has the space to play and explore safely, we have had to limit the number of visitors that can access the garden at any one time. As a result, on busy days visitors have had to queue for a timeslot, and it’s been difficult for visitors arriving later in the day to access the garden.

Thank you to all of you that have got in touch to share your feedback.

We want to make it as straightforward as possible to visit the Children’s Garden at Kew, while making sure that everyone stays safe and has a fantastic time.

To make it easier for our family visitors, from 3 July 2019 we are going to introduce advance online booking for the Children’s Garden.

This will allow people to select a 90-minute timeslot in advance of their visit (at no extra cost). Tickets will then be scanned either from paper or a mobile device upon entry to the Children’s Garden.

We understand that not everyone books online, so there will also be a limited number of passes for timeslots available at the gates, and at the entrance to the Children’s Garden itself.

Tickets for 3 July onwards will be available to book for visitors and members from 24 June 2019.

Up until 3 July we will continue to hand out wristbands with timed slots at the gate to the Children’s Garden.

Please note that the Children’s Garden will be closed on 1 and 2 July for essential maintenance.

We do appreciate and regularly review all visitor feedback. To get in touch with us contact  info@kew.org or call 020 8332 5655.

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