12 July 2022

10 things kids will love at Wakehurst this summer

School’s out! Explore, run free and learn about science and nature at Wakehurst

By Lydia Shellien-Walker

Two girls smiling in a woodland

Calling all kids! Do you want an adventure this summer? Want to roam wild, learn survival techniques in the woods and have a teddy bear's picnic?

Tell your parents about all of the fun things happening at Wakehurst this summer!


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1. Roam wild and free (for free!)

Children under 16 go free at Wakehurst!

We’ve got exciting play areas all over Wakehurst. You can start by exploring our labyrinth, and meet our talking totem poles. 

Then roam through brilliant fields of wildflowers in the Coronation Meadow and the brand new American Prairie.

Make sure to stop off at the Children's Heritage Garden where you can get messy in the Mud Kitchen, pot a seed to take home and Dig It in our raised beds!

Kids under 16 get in to Wakehurst for free. So parents – book your tickets today!

Children running through the woods at Wakehurst
Children at Wakehurst © RBG Kew

2. Go on a Family Forest Adventure

Join us for a fun filled day of nature-based activities.

Roam through the woods for our scavenger hunt and learn how to identify trees.

Learn skills like traditional fire lighting techniques, how to make your own charcoal and wild cooking around the campfire.

Get involved in the creative craft area for jewellery making, stick weaving and tribal painting.

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Two boys play in a playground
Wildwood Adventure at Wakehurst, James Ratchford © RBG Kew

3. Play in the Tree Trunk Trek

Crawl, climb and get to know Wakehurst’s trees on this adventurous log trail in Coates Wood.

Our Tree Trunk Trek is completely free with your ticket to Wakehurst (which means for kids under 16 it is free!)

Explore Coates Wood

Enset plants growing in Ethiopia next to a round hut that has a thatched roof. The sky above is clear and bright blue.
Enset (Ensete ventricosum) © James Borrell/RBG Kew.

4. Take an expedition to the jungles of Ethiopia

Come on an expedition to Wakehurst this summer and experience the jungles of Ethiopia.

Learn about lions, the official animal of Ethiopia, and discover enset, a relative of the banana.

Explorers can craft their own lion and cook a tasty treat on the campfire.

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A family picnic
A family picnic © RBG Kew

5. Have a teddy bear's picnic in the woods

You are very welcome to bring your own picnic to enjoy at our wild botanic gardens!

And of course treat yourself to an ice cream from one of our cafés and restaurants.

Our café and restaurant are all geared up for teddy bears too, with picnic-friendly lunch boxes and a large selection of grab and go food that you can enjoy in the gardens.

Find out more about eating and drinking at Wakehurst

Cakes at Wakehurst
Cakes at Wakehurst

6. Indulge in a feast for all of your senses

Join us after hours at our summer festival, Nourish, for an entertaining evening of art, food and live performance.

Travel through our wild landscapes, immersing yourself in live performances and music, global cuisine, locally-sourced beverages.

Don't miss our catering hub for a chance to try menus inspired by the art installations and science stories behind them.

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Yellow Explorer Rucksack and contents on grass
One of the Explorer Rucksacks, Jim Holden © RBG Kew

7. Become an explorer with our fun-filled backpacks

Pull on one of our Explorer Rucksacks and prepare for an intrepid journey through Wakehurst. Jam-packed with creative goodies, each rucksack will make sure kids make the most of their time in the gardens.

We have three packs for your adventure:

  • Nature explorers (under 6s): Get set for a challenge and search for winter treasures like buds, catkins, and bulbs
  • Discovery explorer (6 – 8s): Be a wildlife detective and get up-close to the world's mini-beasts
  • Expedition explorer (8+): Use binoculars to take our winter challenge with a checklist of things to spot in the trees. Learn how to use a compass and be a forester for the day. 

Make sure you pick up an Explorer Rucksack (£4 hire charge) from the Visitor Centre when you arrive.

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A badger peeking through two tree trunks
Badgers at Wakehurst, Steve Robinson ©RBG Kew

8. Spot wild animals!

Calling all wildlife lovers! Head to our Loder Valley Nature Reserve, a 150-acre wildlife paradise and a highlight of our Photo ops and wildlife spots walking route.

It’s home to dormice, badgers, kingfishers, owls, and many more species. How many creatures can you spot?

Kew scientist in coat holding jar of seeds
Kew scientist in the vaults of the Millennium Seed Bank © RBG Kew.

9. Explore the most biodiverse place on the planet

While you’re here, you can uncover underground secrets and see our scientists at work.

The Millennium Seed Bank hides an underground collection of over 2.4 billion seeds from around the world, banking them to conserve them for the future.  

A dog peers into the camera whilst owners sit on a bench
Dogs at Wakehurst

10. Bring your furry friend on an adventure

On a few special days throughout the summer, we are opening our doors to you and your canine companion!

Soak up the evening sun as you stroll around our wild botanic garden. The route will take you through woodlands of the world, past Westwood Lake and through more designed landscapes.

Finish off with a refreshing drink before you head home.

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Family fun at Wakehurst

We have something for everyone!

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