20 April 2020

Watch: Journey of a seed

Follow the incredible journey from collection to banking in our Millennium Seed Bank.

By Meryl Westlake

3 seeds the MSB is helping save: Round-leaved sundew, Pheasant’s eye, and Plymouth pear

Deep underground in flood, bomb and radiation-proof vaults we are helping protect and save the world’s plants.

We store seeds of endangered and useful plants from across the world in these vaults inside our Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst.

With one in 5 plant species threatened with extinction, our seed banking is an insurance policy for the future.

Our scientists collect seeds of wild species, from tree and flower seeds to crop wild relatives.

Watch our fun animation below to follow the amazing journey of a seed, from collection to banking and then back out into the wild…

Two researchers discussing around a microscope.

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