12 November 2019

Kew launches flagship Fellowship programme

Five Fellowships will be available each year in one of our six research departments.

By Kew Science News

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Never before has there been such urgency to understand and protect the world’s biodiversity. Tackling this major challenge for the future of our own species and the health of our planet requires time, resources and training.

As a part of Kew’s effort to tackle major global challenges, a flagship Fellowship programme has just been launched.

The Future Leaders Fellowship in Plant and Fungal Science programme provides a unique opportunity for early-career researchers to develop their scientific portfolio and skills in a vibrant research environment. 

The programme aims to provide fellows with an internationally outstanding level of education and professional development, empowering them to establish themselves as independent researchers in their discipline by the end of the fellowship. 

Five research Fellowships will be available each year across Kew’s two sites at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst, within one of Kew’s research departments. This year there are Fellowships available in the research areas listed below:

Intelligent data analysis 
The Intelligent Data Analysis team, led by Dr Nicky Nicolson, is seeking a motivated computer scientist with specialist knowledge in scientific programming and use of toolkits and libraries in areas such as AI and machine learning, data manipulation, exploration and cleaning, data summarisation and visualisation.

Integrated monography 
The Integrated Monography team, led Dr Olwen Grace, is seeking a researcher with specialist knowledge of a lineage or plant family the applicant believes warrants the dedicated attention of a Fellow at Kew.

The Integrated Monography team are also seeking a Fellow to join Kew’s dedicated research capacity on the orchid family, Orchidaceae. This Fellow will have the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of Kew’s scientific remit, and your interests may include, for example, conservation and sustainable and sustainable use, fungal symbioses and seed biology, and adaptive traits.

Plant health genomics 
The Plant Health team, led by Professor Richard Buggs, is seeking a talented researcher with a background in in genomics, statistics, phylogenetics, metagenomics or population genetics to research existing and new genomic datasets.

Crop plant and harvestable product genomics 
The Plant Resources team, led by Dr Aaron Davis, is seeking an experienced and motivated scientist who has a proven track record in plant genomics or a related discipline, ideally with a familiarity of crops, harvestable products, or crop wild relatives.

The deadline for applications is Friday 17 January 2020.

Applications must be submitted through the Kew careers portal.

For more information on the Fellowship opportunity and details on how to apply, please read the brochure:

If you have any further questions on any aspect of the programme, please email FLFScience@kew.org

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