13 December 2022

What we're reading this Christmas

Check out our top winter reads, with plenty of giftable ones for Christmas and seasonal birthdays too.

By Ellen Reid

Open book by coffee cup and cosy blanket.

Forget summer reads - who doesn't love curling up with a good book when the nights draw in?

Here are our recommendations for winter reading, all available at the Kew Shop.

Chasing Plants

Travel the globe with botanist Chris Thorogood on a wild adventure to find the world's most extraordinary plants.

The seeds he collects and plants he sees are brought to life by his own vibrant paintings in this very accessible read.

A great pick for armchair adventurers and plant lovers.

Snowed in for Christmas

Christmas can be about spending time with the family, but in this heartwarming, humorous book, Lucy ends up spending Christmas snowed-in with her guru Ross Miller’s family in the Scottish Highlands.

A light-hearted but heart-felt read.

Kew Pocketbooks: Festive Flora

This stunning hardback is a celebration of the plants important to religious, cultural and national festivities around the world.

Revel in the beautiful illustrations and luxury finish of this pocketbook.


Find out more about trees from around the world in this gorgeously illustrated book.

Wander the Arboretum and meet mighty oaks and towering redwoods, and discover the complexities of the wood wide web.

Exclusive to Kew until March 2023, this stunning book is perfect for older children and adults.

The Wardian Case

Luke Keogh explores how a piece of Victorian technology made of wood and glass changed the world, through the transport of plants.

Travel back in time and explore the revolution of moving plants and elements that still apply to modern-day plant collection.

The Kew Gardens Cookbook

From your morning cuppa to pasta for dinner, the kitchen is where we connect with plants in a special way: they literally sustain us.

Our cookbook is a celebration not only of the delicious variety of plants and fungi that we eat, but the vital work that Kew does to promote and sustain this biodiversity.

Featuring over 60 tasty and unusual vegetarian recipes, this is the perfect book for the budding chef in your life.

Ancient Oaks in the English Landscape

With its wiggly leaves and bonneted acorns, the oak is a beloved tree and, as the national tree of England, intrinsically tied to the nation.

In fact, England has more native oak trees than the rest of Europe combined.

How that came about is explored in this book which combines history with science (and beautiful images) to tell the story of how these great trees have shaped the English landscape over the past millennium.

The Kew Sketch Journal

Enjoy a unique perspective of Kew through its architecture.

In this book, Charles Leon shares the human relationship with buildings that have been a constant in the landscape for decades.

Stunning and unique sketches of Kew Gardens and the local area bring this story to life.

The Magic of Mushrooms

From feeding the world to expanding the mind, the incredible power of mushrooms is explored in this very accessible book, brimming with images of over 100 fascinating species.

There is information on particular fungi as well as the way they work. A great read for anyone interested in these fascinating organisms.

Lift and Look: Fruit and Vegetables

A vibrantly illustrated book for children to discover where fruit and vegetables grow.

Lift the flaps to find jewel-like berries, crunchy carrots and many more table favourites.

Currently out of stock online, but available at our on-site shops.

There are a lot more books available in our shops, both on-site and online, as well as a variety of gifts for all ages and budgets.

Enjoy having a browse, and remember to have your Membership card handy for discounts.

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