28 April 2020

As seen on TV: Kew and BBC in Colombia

Catch-up on the incredible documentary with Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent, who ventured deep into Colombia's rainforests with our scientists.

By Meryl Westlake

A view of a brook in the forests of Serranía de Quinchas

Colombia's rainforests are an astonishing jewel in the country's crown. 

As part of the Our World series, the BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner joined our scientists Mauricio Diazgranados and Tiziana Ulian on a scientific mission; to identify useful plants and work with local people to find sustainable ways to use their rainforest. 

With around 26,000 plant species alone, Colombia is the second most biodiverse land in the world.

Parts of the rainforests have been opened up for formal botanic exploration and study after decades of conflict. But this incredible corner of the world is facing a very real threat. 

Rapid deforestation and booming agriculture are tearing into the forest as communities living in poverty use these natural resources to make an income.

This one-of-a-kind documentary exploring the potential of Colombia's rainforests is available now on BBC's iPlayer (link below).

Frank Gardner on horseback talking to a camera crew in the rainforest

Watch Colombia: Saving Eden

Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent joins our scientists in a race against time to identify and conserve plants in the Colombian rainforest as they face deforestation.