22 September 2017

Artful Autumn: Julia Clarke

Take a look at Julia Clarke's beautifully textured willow sculptures, on display on Cedar Vista and outside the Marianne North Gallery.

Julia Clarke

Artist's work 

Julia creates sculptures using natural materials - mainly willow, both dried and living, as well as wire, thread, paper and ceramics. Natural materials and environmental concerns are an important element of her work and the rhythm of weaving and using tactile materials is important to her process. The willow has its own character with evocative qualities.  

Something from nothing 

Julia has always been fascinated by scale, tiny natural forms, giant abstract shapes, vessels, woven forms, seed pods and nests. She creates something from nothing, transforming the discarded, unnoticed, or unseen into something large and present. 

Why Kew? 

Julia grew up in West London and has visited Kew many times. She always finds it inspiring to visit, using the plants, trees, seeds and landscape as a source of inspiration for her work. 

The result 

Julia is relieved and excited that all the sculptures are complete. She had been weaving them all summer, and is very pleased with how they have turned out. 

She is really looking forward to seeing visitors walk around the sculptures, interacting with them and the beautiful space around them.