22 August 2022

Watch: The story of our American Prairie

In the heart of Wakehurst stretches our vast American Prairie. Look back on the journey of this six-acre landscape, as we work to conserve this threatened habitat.

By Jessica Hayne

A wide angle shot of a field with yellow flowers and trees silhouetted against the sky

With only 1% of these diverse ecosystems remaining, our American Prairie will highlight the importance of these habitats and share our knowledge of this threatened ecosystem. From sowing hand-collected seeds, to plug planting and a colourful bloom, the prairie continues to evolve, transforming into a spectacle every season.

A scientists examines a blue pot whilst crouched in a green field

Nature Unlocked

The Landscape Ecology Programme at Wakehurst: researching the value of UK biodiversity to inform nature-based solutions to critical challenges such as climate change and food security.

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