Purple speckled, yellow flowers of ojai fritillary

Fritillaria ojaiensis

Ojai fritillary

Family: Liliaceae
IUCN Red List status: Not Evaluated
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species is the world’s most comprehensive source of information on the global conservation status of species. In the IUCN Red List this species is placed in the category: Not Evaluated – has not yet been evaluated against the IUCN Red List Criteria.

The speckled flowers of ojai fritillary are a sight to behold in the woodlands of central California.

This rare species of lily is endangered, largely due to human trampling and the impact of camping.

Thanks to the Centre for Plant Conservation (CPC) network and conservationists at  Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, the striking ojai fritillary will be safeguarded for future generations.

Ojai fritillary is a herb that has an erect stem bearing long, straight, very narrow leaves. Its nodding flowers are greenish-yellow to purple in colour with purple markings.

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Native: California


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Ojai fritillary populations are under threat from trampling by nearby hikers and campers.

As part of the Centre for Plant Conservation (CPC) network’s efforts to save plants, conservationists at Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens collected seeds from two ojai fritillary populations in Los Padres National Forest.

These seeds were deposited in long term conservation collections that will protect the ojai fritillary for the future.

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