Pinkish flowers of douglas clover
Trifolium douglasii

Douglas clover

Family: Fabaceae
Other common names: Douglas' clover (English)
IUCN Red List status: Not Evaluated

The vibrant, pink douglas clover graces prairies and meadows of the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Like many clovers, this species is delicious to livestock, so it is vulnerable to trampling and grazing. It is also threatened by continued habitat degradation.

Thanks to conservation seed collection conducted by the Centre for Plant Conservation (CPC) network and University of Washington Botanic Garden, the douglas clover is being saved from extinction.

Douglas clover is a woody herb with erect stems and alternate leaves. Its flowers are pinkish purple and sometimes blue.

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Map of the world showing where Douglas clover is native and introduced to
Native: Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Prairies and meadows

Our partnership

The Centre for Plant Conservation (CPC) is a network of conservation partners working together to save threatened plants in the United States and Canada.

Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is one of the CPC Participating Institutions.

As part of the Centre for Plant Conservation (CPC) network’s efforts to save plants, conservationists at the University of Washington Botanic Garden collected seeds from 50 douglas clover plants in southeast Washington.

This work aims to safeguard the species against loss from habitat degradation and trampling and grazing by livestock.

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