Expand your knowledge on plant and fungal science from the world's best experts.

Drosera venusta, a plant at Kew

School programmes

Inspire your children with a visit to our two botanic gardens.

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    Schools at Kew

    We are currently accepting bookings for school visits. 

    Kew is the perfect setting for an outdoor classroom. We offer visits for all educational organisations.

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    Schools at Wakehurst

    Wakehurst is the perfect place for curious minds and hands-on learning.

    Come and join us in the great outdoors.

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    Teaching resources

    Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment.

    It is packed with free, innovative, curriculum-aligned activities for pupils of all ages.

  • A metal DNA statue outside of the Jodrell Laboratory in Kew Gardens

    Teacher training at Kew

    Discover how you can use plants to bring the curriculum alive and engage pupils in learning new scientific knowledge and skills.

  • A small green seedling growing from some moss

    Carbon literacy training

    This engaging and interactive course provides you with a deeper understanding of the science of climate change and its implications for you, your leadership team and your pupils.

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    Young Environmental Leader Award

    Become an environmental leader and drive positive change for the natural world through taking action and raising awareness of environmental issues in your community.

Study with Kew Science

Find out more about Kew's MSc course, PhD opportunities, training courses and internships.

  • Students in Madagascar

    MSc study

    Our MSc programmes offer an opportunity to study at Kew and gain access to our unrivalled scientific collections, laboratory facilities, partnerships, and landscapes.

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    PhD opportunities

    Over 80 PhD students carry out doctoral training and research at Kew, with access to our world-class scientific collections, facilities and expertise. 

  • Microscope slide of a wood sample

    Continuing Professional Development

    We run short courses aimed at equipping working professionals with specialised skills.

School of Horticulture

The School of Horticulture is a centre of excellence for horticultural and botanical education. Study for one of our world-renowned qualifications.

Other ways to learn at Kew

Whether you're after a one-day course, or part of a community project, we have something for you.

  • Echinopsis ancistrophora painting

    Short courses

    Looking to brush up a few skills or start something new? Take one of our courses in photography, art, horticultural or wellbeing. 

  • A window of the glasshouse in the Palm House with stunning tree canopy around it

    Talks and lectures

    Our experts are passionate about sharing knowledge. The Kew Mutual Improvement Society lecture series will update you on the latest discoveries. 

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    Community and access at Kew

    There are many accessible opportunities for groups and individuals to learn more about science, history, collections and horticulture.

  • Pink echinacea heads in full bloom in the Great Broadwalk Borders

    Community and access at Wakehurst

    There are services available for people who face physical, sensory, psychological, or social barriers to visiting Wakehurst independently.

  • Frosted windows on the Davies Alpine House

    Guided Tours

    Join us on a Tour of Kew with an experienced guide and unearth one of the most diverse collections of living plants in the world.

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    Kew's Outreach Strategy

    Find out how we are connecting and engaging communities to protect nature, together.

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    Kew's Schools Learning Strategy

    Find out how we continue to improve and expand our educational offer.