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Pupils on a school session at Kew

Before you book:

  • Please choose your education session and check our prices.
  • For queries, please email
  • After submitting your booking form, please allow 3 working days before you consider contacting us again. Please note that the office will be closed on Fridays to process bookings, except for urgent telephone calls (0208 332 5627) regarding visits that day.

By submitting this form you become liable for payment in full (see our Terms and Conditions). If you amend or cancel your booking you may incur fees. 

Visiting during coronavirus

Your safety, and that of our staff, is our highest priority. That's why we've introduced new measures to ensure your group has a safe and enjoyable visit. 

More details on our prices, planning and practical information page.


If you would like to cancel or alter your booking more than six weeks before the visit date, there will not be a charge. You can alter your booking date twice before a £20 alteration fee is applied.

If an education session you have booked isn't able to be delivered due to coronavirus, we will provide you with as much notice as reasonably practicable.

We will offer you a self-led visit, or you can postpone or cancel your booking and we will refund any booking fee paid.

These temporary changes amend clause 3 ‘Booking’ and clause 4 ‘Alteration and Cancellation of Bookings’ in our Terms and Conditions. All other clauses remain the same.

Supporting NHS Test and Trace

We are legally required to request and record the contact details of customers and visitors over the age of 16. Any teachers, parents, or students over the age of 16 will be required to check in via the NHS Test and Trace app, using the NHS QR code posters displayed at the site entrance. Please factor this into your travel/arrival time.

Any teachers, parents, or students over the age of 16 who do not have the NHS Test and Trace app must be recorded by your school as an attendee on your visit. Please download this form RBG Kew Schools Test and Trace to record the necessary details, which must be stored by your school for 21 days and must be made available to NHS Test and Trace if requested. You do not need to provide Kew with a copy of this form.

Once your booking is confirmed, you are agreeing that your group will either use the NHS QR code posters on arrival, or will record contact details on the form provided.

Booking form

When would you like to visit?

Summer School: Catch up at Kew will run between 26 July 2021 and 27 August 2021.

Please give 3 possible visit dates.

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Who will be visiting?

Please select the level of education
What year groups (ages) are your pupils?
What year groups (ages) are your pupils?
Are all pupils in the same COVID-19 bubble?
Resources will be shared between pupils within each bubble. We will assume that this is acceptable to you unless you tick the box below.

About your accompanying adults

You must have the correct ratios of adults to pupils:  

SEN 1:1   KS1 1:5   KS2 1:8   KS3 1:10   KS4/5 1:12 

  • Adults up to the required ratios (including those providing 1:1 SEN support): free     
  • Adults above the required ratios: £11

About your visit

Our summer school is designed to support plant and environmental science attainment, pupil wellbeing and the step up to secondary.

Please choose an appropriate itinerary for your group.

If you would like to plan your own self-led visit then please use the schools booking form to book your visit.

What Key Stage are you looking for?
Please select one of the following sessions
Please select an activity for your afternoon
Please select one of the following itineraries
Please select one/two of the following sessions
Please select one/two of the following education sessions
Please select one/two of the following education sessions

Travelling to Kew Gardens

Please note that schools travelling by coach will be provided with a scheduled arrival and departure time. This is due to borough-wide changes to traffic management that are designed to minimise environmental impact. 

How will you be travelling to Kew Gardens?

Your contact details

Your school / institution

Lead contact on day of visit

Finance contact

By submitting this form you become liable for payment in full (see our Terms and Conditions). If you amend or cancel your booking you may incur fees.

Terms and conditions

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I accept that the submission of this form constitutes a booking, that we will be liable for payment and that alterations/cancellations may incur fees.

We* will use your information as the primary contact point for your group for the purposes of administering and keeping you informed about your group’s booking, dealing with queries and providing other information that may be relevant or of interest to your organisation. This will include informing you about any events or features available in the Gardens during your visit, occasionally sending you details of new educational initiatives and challenges being run at Kew and Wakehurst and on our Endeavour learning platform, offers for free or reduced entry tickets to the Gardens and prize draws and competitions for schools.

If you do not wish to receive these communications from us in future, please contact For information about how we use personal data, please take time to read Kew’s privacy policy.

*"We" refers to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and includes our wholly owned trading subsidiary RBG Kew Enterprises Limited.