Summer School: Catch up at Kew

For the first time ever, we are welcoming school groups to Kew throughout the summer holidays.

Two school children examining a leaf

Due to restrictions and limited capacity, we are unable to take short notice bookings (within 6 weeks of your visit date) for Summer School. We are now unable to take any further bookings for our Summer School.

Our summer school will offer a full day of sessions delivered by trained Kew teachers.

These sessions will support:

  • plant and environmental science attainment
  • pupil wellbeing
  • the transition to secondary school for primary groups

Schools can book for pupils from KS2 to KS5, with your choice of an outdoor education session in the morning and a 90-minute wellbeing session in the afternoon.


  • KS2 groups have the option to do a shorter day with a 45-minute wellbeing session.
  • KS4 and KS5 groups can do a second education session instead of a wellbeing session in the afternoon.

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School-aged pupils booking fees

  • Up to 35 pupils: £65
  • 36 – 70 pupils: £110
  • 71 – 105 pupils: £150
  • 106 – 140 pupils: £190
  • 141 – 175 pupils: £230
  • 176 – 201 pupils: £270

Education session prices

  • Half day (For KS2 only - including 45-minute wellbeing session): £125 per group
  • Full day (2 sessions): £160 per group

Education and wellbeing sessions take place in groups of 15 pupils.

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Programme content and learning outcomes will be differentiated to meet the needs of learners. Please only pick one outdoor education session (unless KS4 or KS5).


Please note, our KS2 Pollination session has been adapted to be a 90-minute session which incorporates seed dispersal. Our KS3 Biology: Field Studies session has been adapted to be an introduction to field studies for KS2.


Please note, our KS3 Plant reproduction session has been adapted to be a 90 minute session which incorporates seed dispersal.



Wellbeing session

After a difficult and unstable year, our wellbeing session allows pupils to explore and engage with the natural world through art, mindfulness and sensory discovery.

Our series of wellbeing activities will include a mixture of individual and groupwork.

Pupils will interact with the amazing natural surroundings of Kew Gardens, enjoying a mix of physical activity and quiet reflection. The perfect session to unwind after an academic morning.

Children’s Garden

Our Children’s Garden is designed for children aged 2-12 years old.

Access to the Children’s Garden is free, but 60-minute play sessions must be booked online in advance.

Your Children’s Garden time slot is separate to your Summer School booking.

Please ensure your Children’s Garden session does not clash with your teaching sessions.

We recommend waiting until you have received confirmation of your Summer School visit before booking Children’s Garden tickets.

Read our guide on how to book Children’s Garden tickets

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Succulent, Rock Garden, Ellen McHale/RBG Kew

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