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Enjoy our youth co-created learning resources at Kew or at home.

Table covered in paper crafts

Kew’s Youth Forum and volunteer Youth Explainers have collaborated with artists and scientists to create fun activities exploring why plants and fungi are important.

How to use our resources

Whether you want to use the traditional pen and paper, or go mobile — we have got you covered. 

You can:

  • download the activities below to print at home and complete when you next visit the Gardens
  • access the activities below on your mobile or tablet when on the move at Kew, and jot down your answers in a note-taking app

Connecting with Nature

Develop your connection to the natural world and discover the power of zine-making with these creative activities developed with Kew’s Youth Forum.

  • Compositae, daisy, Andrew McRobb / RBG Kew

    Plants in everyday life

    Discover how plants and fungi impact our everyday lives. From our local park to food, clothes and medicine, plants and fungi can be found in the most unsuspecting places.

  • Group of young people sat around a table doing an activity

    How to make a zine

    Learn how to use zine-making and DIY self-publishing to share ideas and make your voice heard.

  • Green, unripe bananas in the Palm House at Kew

    Why are plants important to you

    Plants and fungi affect all areas of our lives. We need them for food, clothes and medicine, and natural spaces help our wellbeing. Without plants and fungi, there wouldn’t be anything else.

Temperate House scavenger hunts

Explore the Temperate House and solve scavenger hunts developed by our Youth Explainers. Discover amazing stories and learn more about plants and conservation.


Explore the natural world through the lens of photography with these simple guides.