Learning cards and nature trails

Free resources to use on your family visit to Kew Gardens.

Family learning activity at Wakehurst

Discover the stories behind some of our most fascinating plants and fungi at Kew Gardens. 

Download our family-friendly learning cards and seasonal nature trails to use while you explore. 

Learning cards

  • Peacock butterfly on yellow flowers

    Plant adaptations (ages 0 – 3)

    Explore different habitats in the Gardens 

  • Alpine plants in the Rock Garden

    Plant adaptations (ages 3 – 7)

    Think about why plants adapt 

  • Showy, pale purple and white flowers

    Plant adaptations (ages 7 –14)

    Explore how plants overcome challenges in their environment 

  • The last wild wollemi pines in the world in a remote gorge in Wollemi National Park, Australia

    Plants in danger (ages 0 – 3)

    Explore some threats to plants, including climate change and pests.

  • Round-leaved sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) with sticky red round leaves.

    Plants in danger (ages 3 – 7)

    Follow in the footsteps of a plant scientist to discover what threatens plants and how to protect them.

  • Morrisby's gum with smooth, light grey bark and lance-shaped, green leaves

    Plants in danger (ages 7 –14)

    Embark on an expedition and make a record of the threatened plants you find.

  • Mint in the Pavilion herb garden

    Plant families (ages 0 – 3)

    Discover different ways to group plants by their characteristics.

  • Light purple flowers of heather plants

    Plant families (ages 3 – 7)

    Look around you and see what plants are related to each other.

  • Green, needle-like leaves and purplish-blue flowers of rosemary

    Plant families (ages 7 –14)

    Learn how to group plants together by family.

  • A pile of chickpeas

    Food (ages 0 – 3)

    Find plants at Kew that are used in food.

  • Carrots fresh out of the dirt

    Food (ages 3 – 7)

    What plants do you eat and which parts of the plant are edible?

  • Vegetables in a box

    Food (ages 7 –14)

    Think about what makes a plant edible.

Family trails

  • Purple flowers of wisteria

    Summer trail

    Enjoy the sounds, colours and smells of summer on your next adventure. 

  • Holding a leaf in autumn

    Autumn trail

    Get set to explore and find vibrant trees, fantastic fungi and signs of autumn.

  • Pine tree in winter

    Winter trail

    Start at Victoria Gate and find lions, temples, serpents and knobbly knees along the trail. 

  • Cherry blossom on branches in spring

    Spring trail

    Discover magical trees, animal habitats and seasonal delights along our spring trail.