Pen and ink: leaves

Learn different techniques to depict leaves in ink.

A Kew botanical artist drawing



Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 September 2019


Kew Gardens


£150 (£130 Concessions/Kew Gardens Members)

Maximum capacity

15 places

About the course 

This new course will provide an in-depth look at leaves and the various ways of depicting them in ink. Observation techniques and mark-making to capture the essence of the botanical subjects will be the focus of the course.

We’ll start by looking at various botanical artists, from the Victorian to the more modern, to see the different ink techniques and styles they use to show plant structure and form. You’ll choose a preferred artist and render a ‘simple’ leaf in a similar technique.

Then, you will make a technical study of a ‘more complex’ leaf with hairs, glandular colorations, complex margins or heavy venation.

You’ll learn how to choose a subject, draw it accurately and to scale, and finally how to ink it in with confidence, in a way that is both technically aware and artistically pleasing.

How to book

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