Paradise Lost

POSTPONED Join us for a thought-provoking exhibition by acclaimed artist Jan Hendrix, exploring humanity's impact on the natural world.

The Remains, study for a tapestry, 2019 by Jan Hendrix



In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are sorry to inform you that this event has been postponed. For more information, please see our Tickets and prices page

Explore the beauty and fragility of the natural world and humanity’s impact on it with this stunning exhibition led by world-renowned artist Jan Hendrix.

Jan examines the transformation of landscapes and how we record the natural world in botanical images, using a variety of materials including glass and silver leaf. 

Inspired by lost landscapes

The exhibition is inspired by the landscape of Botany Bay, Australia, which was once a pristine bay teeming with endemic flora and fauna. Sadly the area has been transformed by human development, including an airport and an oil depot, and it is now threatened by fires. 

Botany Bay acquired its name thanks to the huge number of plants recorded and collected there in 1770 by European botanists Sir Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander. They pressed specimens within the loosely bound uncut pages of a 1719 book, Notes on Paradise Lost, some of which are featured in the exhibition. 


Through his art, Hendrix pays homage to this important botanical work and responds to the effect of human intervention on the environment. In a vast monochrome tapestry, he evokes the dynamic texture and beauty of an Australian landscape that no longer exists. 

Experience an immersive mirrored pavilion at the centre of the show, with an intricate metallic form inspired by two plant species named after Banks and Solander, Banksia serrata and Banksia solandri. The exhibition will also feature some of the plants collected by Banks and Solander at Botany Bay almost 250 years ago.