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Meet Kew’s bee experts

A chance to meet some of our experts talking about Kew's work with bees, plants and pollination. Until 27 October (Fridays only, weather permitting).

Event details

Fridays only (until 27 October), 11.30am

The beehives at the Plant Family Beds


Included with entry to the Gardens. Save on the price of your ticket when you book online.

Event overview

This is your chance to meet some of Kew’s experts, including Dr Hauke Koch, and find out more about our work with bees, plants and pollination.

  • Fridays only
  • Talks last 30-45 minutes
  • No need to book - just turn up

What to expect

Join Kew's bee experts and take a look inside live bumble bee colonies and solitary bee nests. Together we will try to spot interesting bee species around the flower beds.

Find out the answers to questions such as:

  • how many different bees are there?
  • how are plant and bee diversity dependent on each other?
  • why is pollinator diversity needed for pollination of most of our crops?
  • what threats are bees facing?
  • what can we do to protect bees?
  • what is Kew's research on the potential medicinal value of some plants against bee diseases?

There will also be time to ask our experts any questions you may have about pollinators.

Melitta haemorrhodalis

Gold-tailed melitta (Melitta haemorrhoidalis) males sleeping in a bellflower (Campanula trachelium)