KMIS lecture: Ecosia — how a search engine planted 100 million trees

Chief Planting Officer at Ecosia Pieter Van Midwoud talks about the environmentally-centred search engine.

Horticulturalists working at Wakehurst in the nursery


14 February 2022


6pm to 7pm


Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre, Kew Gardens

Also available online, live and on demand



Join our fundraising lecture on Ecosia with Chief Planting Officer Pieter Van Midwoud.

In this lecture, Pieter will explain how an internet search engine planted over 100 million trees around the world.

Since 2009 the non-profit organisation Ecosia has paved the way for a regenerative future through reforestation, empowering local communities, fighting hunger and saving wildlife.

By browsing with Ecosia you could help to reforest the worlds landscapes.  


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