Enjoying the Insect Adventure Camp at Kew this summer
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Insect adventure camp

Get to know our native pollinators by taking part in lots of fun science and craft activities. Daily until 3 September.

Event details

22 July to 3 September, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Natural Area, near the Badger Sett and Log Trail


Included with entry to the Gardens. Save on the price of your ticket when you book online

Event overview

Get to know our native pollinators by joining in with our FREE drop-in activities, including:

  • Mini-beast adventures with entomologists - your chance to go on an insect safari
  • Make your own mini-beasts
  • Create pooters and use them to study insects up-close, before releasing them safely back where you found them
  • Study different specimens under the microscope
  • Make different habitats for wild pollinators that you can take back to your own garden
  • 'Pollinator Top Trumps' – discover amazing facts about different pollinators and the plants they pollinate
  • Performances

Included with entry to the Gardens. 

Investigating mini-beasts

Event highlights

Insect safari

Go on an insect safari and enjoy mini-beast adventures with entomologists

Enjoying the Insect Adventure Camp at Kew this summer

Pollinators up-close

Use a microscope to discover more about our native pollinators

Identification station

Create habitats

Get involved and help wild pollinators by creating a habitat to take home to your garden

Hotel for creepy crawlies

Do your bit

Take action today by sowing a virtual wild flower seed. This helps us to raise awareness of native pollinator-friendly wild flowers and how important they are for wildlife and our own wellbeing.
We believe small actions lead to big changes, so go to growwilduk.com/sowingmap to sow your virtual seed now!