All about honey: Tasting and cheese pairing

Explore the unique aromas and flavours of honey from scientist and beekeping expert, Dr Agnes Tyburn.

A plate of cheeses and selection of honey in glass, corked bottles

Date and time

Tuesday 19 October 2021

5pm – 8pm


Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens



£70 for Kew members

Price includes entry to the Gardens

Maximum capacity

25 places

Join scientist and beekeeper Dr Agnes Tyburn for this fun and tasty workshop celebrating all things honey.

Explore the elements that define the taste and flavour of honey, and discover the production process from the honeybee colony to the jar on your kitchen shelf.

During the course, you will hear about the history of honey and how modern beekeeping practices impact its quality.

Learn how to taste and appreciate the complexity of aromas and flavour profiles of a unique range of honey and enjoy them with a perfect cheese pairing.

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