George III: The Mind Behind The Myth

POSTPONED Visit the new exhibition in Kew Palace to discover the fact and fiction behind King George III.

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Kew Palace


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In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are sorry to inform you that this event has been postponed. For more information, please see our Tickets and prices page.

Explore Historic Royal Palaces' new exhibition in Kew Palace, uncovering the fact and fiction behind King George III and redefining his reputation of being 'mad' for the 21st century. 

Kew Palace was once a place of recovery for the King (who reigned from 1760-1820) during his periods of mental and physical ill health.

Displaying intriguing items including pieces from his world-famous library, artworks, doctors’ notes and instructions for his care written by his daughter, Princess Mary, the exhibition challenges what we think we know about this complex and brilliant man.

Using contemporary perspectives from those with lived experience of mental ill health, the display reveals the often-inhumane treatment from his doctors and celebrates the life and achievement of King George III.

This year marks 200 years since the monarch's death. With around one in four people in the UK today suffering from mental illness, this exhibition contributes to a conversation around mental health. 

Please note, this exhibition deals with issues surrounding serious mental and physical illness and may not be suitable for everyone.