Food Forever Weekends

Enjoy our drop-in sessions exploring the future of food in a changing world.

People wearing blue gloves using pestal and mortars


Every weekend, 21 May to 18 September 2022


11am to 4pm


Kew Gardens


Included with entry to the Gardens

Each weekend throughout Food forever, join our drop-in workshops and activities led by inspiring artists and creatives at the Food Forever Corner.

    Weekend events

    • Minus Pollinators by Freddie Yauner and Max Fraser
    • We are all Futurists with Sharp & Sour
    • Supermarketforest by Something & Son and Nicol Vizioli
    • Pickle & Grind by Popeye Collective
    • Food Memories for Thought by Kin-spiration Collective
    • Very, Very Slow Food by Beccy McCray
    • Entanglaculture by Burton Nitta
    • Recipes from Disaster by Something & Son

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    Illustration of people investigate large pieces of fruit and veg

    Food Forever

    A summer of art exploring the future of food.