Community Learning: Visiting the Orchid Festival

Exclusively for Community Access Scheme members: Join us to learn about Kew and develop your group’s self-guided visits.

Close up of three delicate orchid flowers

Date and time

8 February 2023

8.45am to 10am


Victoria Gate to the Princess of Wales Conservatory

We’d like to welcome members of the Community Access Scheme to discover the incredible Orchid festival in Kew’s Princess of Wales Conservatory. This year’s installations are inspired by the stunning biodiversity of Cameroon. 

This session will include an early access visit to the Orchid festival before the Gardens are open to the public, supported by the Kew Horticulture team. You will be able to see what is on offer as part of the festival and learn about the displays to support you with planning for your group visit.  

This session is strictly for members of our Community Access Scheme. If you are part of a community group which isn’t a member of CAS, you can find out more about the scheme here. 

To attend, please email with the subject line "CAS Orchids”.