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Ask an expert: botanical art surgery

Meet one of our Kew artists and get tips on developing your own artwork. 9 December and 17 February.

Event details

Sunday 9 December 2018, Sunday 17 February 2019, drop-in between 11am and 3pm

Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew Gardens

Meet the artists

Are you a budding botanical artist, or a botanical artist in a bind?

Join a series of one-off events with Kew’s botanical artists, professionals who will be showcasing their work.

They will also be available to answer your questions and give practical advice on botanical illustration.

Ask an expert

Masumi Yamanaka

Sunday 14th October, drop in session 11am - 3pm 

Masumi Yamanaka, expert in Kew’s Heritage Tress and author and artist of Treasured Trees

Masumi Yamanaka at her drawing board at Kew

Lucy T Smith

Sunday 9th December, drop-in session 11am - 3pm

Lucy T Smith,  new species illustrator for Kew, visual documenter of giant waterlilies.

Nymphaea Thermarum Lucy T Smith

Deborah Lambkin

Sunday 17th Feb 2019, drop-in session 11am - 3pm

Deborah Lambkin, official artist of the Royal Horticultural Society's Orchid committee

Deborah Lambkin