Rhododendron Dell

Enjoy the fragrances and rich textures of the magnificent rhododendron.

Soft white rhododendrons in the dell

Sir Joseph Hooker brought back many new specimens of rhododendron from his travels to the Himalaya in the mid-19th century. Struck by the spectacular beauty of these colourful flowers, he exclaimed: 

'The splendour of the Rhododendrons is marvellous: there are 10 kinds on this hill, scarlet, white, lilac, yellow, pink, marroon[sic],: the cliffs actually bloom with them.'

Today, 150 years later, dense clusters of rhododendrons flower in the dell, including unique hybrids not found elsewhere in the world. 

Woodchip paths wind around examples such as the pink-flowered Rhododendron kotschyi, from the Carpathian and Balkan mountains, and Kew’s oldest type, R. campanulatum. 

This hidden corner of Kew is at its prime in April and May when huge bushes burst into colour, showcasing richly-hued petals at every angle. 

Visiting the Rhododendron Dell 

We may occasionally need to close attractions for maintenance or visitor safety: check for planned closures and visitor notices before you visit. 

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