Queen’s Garden 

Enjoy an elegant walk back in time in this 17th century idyll

Queen's Garden, RBG Kew

Designed to complement Kew Palace, the Queen’s Garden is dedicated exclusively to the plants and architectural styles of the 17th century.  

Most of the plants seen here are from species grown in the 1600s or earlier, creating a historical journey into British plant life.  

In May and June the display of flowers on the laburnum pergola is spectacular. Its golden yellow and sweet-scented flowers appear in chains (racemes) up to 25cm long that frame the colonnade in a bright and fragrant array.  

Hidden highlight 

Home to the oldest sculptures at Kew, the Queen’s Garden features a number of stone ornaments, including a Venetian wellhead and a marble satyr. 

Enclosed in box hedges is a parterre with a pond at the centre, where a copy of Verrocchio's 'Boy with a Dolphin' leans towards the sky, an imitation of the original statue housed in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio.  

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