Toilets and facilities

Our toilets and facilities are open and regularly screened.

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On your visit, pick up a map to find the toilets nearest to you.

Each of our toilets has a unisex accessible option, all within easy reach of our main attractions.

Locations of toilets at Kew Gardens

  • Victoria Plaza
  • The Pond
  • Ruined Arch
  • Stable Yard
  • Kew Palace
  • Brentford Gate – includes Changing Places toilet
  • White Peaks Café 
  • Pavilion Bar and Grill
  • The Orangery
  • The Botanical –  single unit for diners only

Some toilets may at times be temporarily closed. Please check our planned closures before your visit.

Baby facilities

Most of our toilets have baby-changing facilities, with the exception of the Stable Yard.

The Orangery and White Peaks Café have microwaves to warm bottles.

Prams are welcome at Kew Gardens, with buggy parks available in key areas.

Drinking water

Clean drinking water fountains are available throughout our site, and marked out on our map.

Locations of drinking fountains

  • Lion Gate
  • Ruined Arch
  • The Orangery
  • Brentford Gate
  • White Peaks Café 
  • The Botanical
  • The Mediterranean Garden (map coordinate I7)
  • The Pond (map coordinate E4)
  • Syon Vista (map coordinate I4)
  • Green Oak Shelter (map coordinate D1)

Prayer and reflection room

This space at Victoria Plaza is designed for those who wish to pray or reflect.

Important information

  • The room does not include any articles of faith (e.g. prayer mats, religious texts, etc.) so visitors will need to bring their own.
  • To support our sustainability goals, the room is not fitted with a paper towel dispenser so visitors may want to bring their own towels/items required for ablution. 
  • The room is fitted with a wudhu basin and is near a toilet block. 
  • It is a small room so there’s only capacity for 2 users at any one time – a door slider will indicate if the room is in use or not. 
Graphic of Kew Gardens with signs to various amenities

Map of Kew Gardens

Download a pdf map of Kew Gardens to see where our toilets and facilities are.