Temperate Herbaceous Collection

A collection of temperate, hardy, non-woody plants with some sub-shrubs.

Giant white fawn lily in the Woodland Garden

Location: Systematic Garden (Evolution Garden) and adjacent wall borders, Peony Garden, Woodland Garden, Queen’s Garden and Grass Garden. Small numbers in the Broad Walk Borders, Duke’s Garden and Secluded Garden

Taxa: 2,000  Accessions: 5,269  Wild-sourced: 39%

Geographic strengths: North America, Asia, particularly China, Japan and S. Korea, Europe

Taxonomic strengths: Iridaceae, Poaceae, Lamiaceae (especially Salvia), Paeonia, Epimedium, Trillium and Hosta

Notable specimens: Salvia miltiorrhiza, a Chinese medicinal plant under investigation for possible alleviation of dementia symptoms, Bromus interruptus, extinct in the UK until reintroduction in 2004; Cardiocrinum giganteum, the largest of all the flowering lilies; and the globally Endangered Saruma henryi, Kirengeshoma palmata and Cypripedium formosanum