Island Flora Collection

A collection of species from island floras of key interest to Kew.

Hibiscus fragilis

Location: Tropical Nursery, Princess of Wales Conservatory and Temperate House

Taxa: 447  Accessions: 790  Wild-sourced: 78%

Geographic strengths: UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs), Madagascar, the Canary Islands and the Mascarenes; some accessions from Hawaii, Socotra, Lord Howe Island and the Caribbean

Taxonomic strengths: Wide taxonomic coverage of the islands but Fabaceae particularly well represented 

Notable specimens: Many threatened island species rated Critically Endangered by the IUCN, including: Alsinidendron trinerve and Hibiscadelphus distans from Hawaii; Sonchus brassicifolius (syn. Dendroseris litoralis) from Juan Fernández Island; Cylindrocline commersonii and Hibiscus fragilis from Mauritiius; Mellissia begonifolia and Pelargonium cotyledonis from St. Helena; Salvia caymanensis from the Cayman Islands; and Rondeletia buxifolia, known from one location of around 12km² on the island of Montserrat