Cycad Collection

A collection of 83 cycad species from two of the three extant cycad families: Cycadaceae and Zamiaceae.

Encephalartos woodii

Location: Palm House, Temperate House and Jodrell Glass

Taxa: 81  Accessions: 197  Wild-sourced: 23%

Geographic strengths: South Africa and Mexico

Taxonomic strengths: Ceratozamia, Dioon, Encephalartos, Macrozamia and Zamia

Notable specimens: A number of Critically Endangered species: Ceratozamia kuesteriana, C. miqueliana, Microcycas calocoma, Encephalartos  sclavoi and E. cerinus; E. woodii, which is now classified as Extinct in the Wild; and a specimen of E. altensteinii, believed to be the oldest pot plant in the world; Kew holds 27% of the world’s cycad species