Bonsai Collection

A collection of deciduous and coniferous temperate woody trees and shrubs cultivated using the techniques of the Bonsai Japanese art form to produce miniature specimens.


Head to our beautiful Bonsai House, which showcases the Japanese art of growing miniature trees in containers.

We have around 60 tiny bonsai trees in our collection, seasonally displayed in our Bonsai House, the smallest only 10 centimetres tall, and oldest being 180 years old.

Keep your eyes peeled for our stunning Japanese white pine bonsai (Pinus parviflora), which is thought to be over 75 years old.

Did you know? Bonsai are not dwarf forms of trees. If they are taken out of their pots and planted in the open ground, they would grow into full-sized trees.

You can find the Bonsai House near the Davies Alpine House - use our map to help you find it

Location: Bonsai House and Walled Garden

Taxa: 19  Accessions: 84  Wild-sourced: 12%

Geographic strengths: China and Japan

Taxonomic strengths: Juniper, Acer and Prunus

Notable specimens: a bonsai Acer palmatum that is approximately 100 years old; two Juniperus chinensis specimens that are thought to be the earliest bonsai imported into the UK (1935); and a specimen of Juniperus rigida representing the ‘sharimiki’ or driftwood style, which is thought to be 200 years old

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