Alpine and Rock Garden Collection

A collection of plants from the alpine and rocky regions of the world, which generally occur in hilly and mountainous regions below the lower limit of permanent snow. 

Pulsatilla, pasqueflower

Location: Alpine Nursery, Alpine House and Rock Garden

Accessions: 6312   Taxa: 3439   Wild-sourced: 70%

Geographic strengths: Mediterranean and Central Asia

Taxonomic strengths: Bulbous monocots of the families Liliaceae (particularly Tulipa and Fritillaria), Iridaceae (Iris, Crocus and Gladiolus) and Amaryllidaceae (Narcissus, Allium, Galanthus and Acis); Plant Heritage National Collections for Juno iris (Iris subg. Scorpiris) and Tulipa

Notable specimens: Species and forms of Iris subg. Scorpiris and Tulipa rarely cultivated; large hardy and half-hardy bromeliads, including Fascicularia, Ochagavia and Puya; rare species of Galanthus; the threatened British natives Cypripedium calceolus and Karpatiosorbus bristoliensis; and several Critically Endangered taxa, including Galanthus trojanus, Centaurea akamantis and Iris boissieri.