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Opening and closing times

Details of opening and closing times throughout the year for the Gardens, attractions, cafés, restaurants, shops and car park.

Opening times

Gardens open at 10am every day

Current closing times

7pm (last entry 6pm) until 30 April 2018

Our closing times change throughout the year and may vary from week to week to accommodate seasonal changes and events in the Gardens.

Closing times throughout 2018 and early 2019

25 March – 30 April 2018
7pm (last entry 6pm)

1 May – 31 August 2018*
Monday to Thursdays: 7pm (last entry 6pm)
Friday to Sunday and bank holidays: 8pm (last entry 7pm) 

1 – 30 September 2018
7pm (last entry 6pm)

1 – 27 October 2018
6pm (last entry 5pm) 

28 October –  20 November 2018
4pm (last entry 3pm) 

21 November 2018 – 1 January 2019
3.30pm (last entry 3pm) 

2 – 31 January 2019
4pm (last entry 3pm) 

February 2019
5pm (last entry 4pm) 

March 2019
6pm (last entry 5pm) 

* except 10–15 July 2018 for Kew the Music when gates close at 5pm (last entry 4pm)


Open until one hour before the Gardens close:

Open 10am - 5.30pm (last entry 5.15pm):

Weekends and bank holidays in summer:
11.00 - 16.00 (Last admission - 15.50) 

29 March to 30 September 2018
10:30 - 17.30 (Last admission - 17.00):

For full details of seasonal, planned and short-term closures

Cafés and restaurants

All our cafés and restaurants open at 10am and close at 6pm

Open until the Gardens close:

  • Victoria Plaza café

Open until one hour before the Gardens close (take-away service from 15 minutes before closing time):

  • Orangery restaurant
  • White Peaks café
  • The Botanical 
  • Pavilion restaurant (currently closed for winter)


Victoria Plaza shop opens at 10am and closes when the Gardens close.

White Peaks shop opens at 11am (10am at weekends) and closes half an hour before the Gardens close.

Car park

Car park opens at 9.30am.

Car park closes 30 minutes after the Gardens close.