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Great Broad Walk Borders

Planted with over 30,000 plants, the Borders provide striking textures and colours throughout the summer months.

About the Borders

The Broad Walk was originally designed to serve as an impressive formal promenade to the newly opened Palm House.

We wanted to bring back the atmosphere of an ornamental promenade to the Palm House and emphasise the perspective. We planted new borders and a row of topiary yew trees (Taxus baccata) along the edge of the path on each side. The new borders opened in spring 2016.

Planting and design

A series of circles are bisected by the path to create the shape of a bean pod. This design was inspired by the tropical vine Entada gigas – the largest seed pod in the legume family – also known as the sea bean or monkey ladder. 

We planted 30,000 plants for a great diversity of texture and colour. The borders are at their best between June and September, and there are bulbs for spring and some late flowers and seed heads for autumn interest.

A large number are cultivars, selected to give an extended flowering season and reliably bring colour to the scheme. The borders also include some wild plant species and plants from Kew's own collections that have been propagated to make the borders unique and distinct.

Do your bit

Take action today by sowing a virtual wild flower seed. This helps us to raise awareness of native pollinator-friendly wild flowers and how important they are for wildlife and our own wellbeing.
We believe small actions lead to big changes, so go to to sow your virtual seed now!