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Sponsor a book from our collection to support an extraordinary body of botanical knowledge.

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Kew’s Library, Art and Archives is one of the most extensive botanical libraries in the world, spanning 2,000 years of plant knowledge and discovery.

With information on the naming, classification and uses of plants, plant ecology, conservation, and the wild plants of the world, it's a treasure trove of plant stories.

Sponsor a book from our collection for a unique way to support this extraordinary body of botanical knowledge.

Plus, the proceeds will help towards preserving all of Kew’s remarkable treasures for the future.

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To sponsor a book, we ask for a donation of £250.

Your personal dedication will be added to our online commemorative register, and you will be able to view the book and bookplate in the Kew Library.

For more information, email commemorative@kew.org or call 020 8332 3645.

  • The Aloes of Arabia © RBG Kew

    The Aloes of Arabia

    T. McCoy, McCoy Publishing, 2019

    The result of 30 years of fieldwork, this offers the first comprehensive coverage of aloes in the Arabian Peninsula, including the island of Socotra. It includes beautifully detailed studies of 50 species, with full-page colour photographs, illustrations and maps.

  • Native flora of Louisiana book

    Native flora of Louisiana

    M Stones & L.E. Urbatsch, Louisiana State University Press, 2018.

    With over 200 superb botanical watercolours of Louisiana native plants, this is a new folio-sized edition of the 1991 original, with updated descriptions. Margaret Stones (1920-2018) was one of the world’s foremost botanical artists and worked at Kew for 25 years as principal illustrator for Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.

  • Flora Danica by Henning Knudsen

    Flora Danica: The story behind Flora Danica

    Henning Knudsen, Lindhardt & Ringhof, 2016

    With 3240 plates in 17 volumes, Flora Danica was the largest coloured flora ever produced. This book tells its fascinating story, exploring the various botanists and artists who contributed to it. Begun in 1761, it was finally printed in 1883.

  • The Useful Wild Plants of Texas

    The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains and Northern Mexico: Volume 4

    S. Cheatham, M.C. Johnston & L. Marshall, Useful Wild Plants, 2015

    This is the latest volume in a planned 12-volume encyclopedia of the economic botany of southern USA and northern Mexico. It discusses the past, present and potential future value of each plant species comprehensively, with nearly 300 illustrations and 175 maps.

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