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Kew magazine is a fascinating mix of articles about plants, fungi, science and conservation, taking you behind the scenes of our gardens.

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Award-winning magazine

The award-winning Kew magazine is published three times a year and is free to all Kew members as a print and digital magazine.

Inside its pages you can discover plenty of stories about the fascinating work that goes on behind the scenes and in the gardens at Kew as staff fulfill their mission to discover, conserve and protect wild plant species and fungi around the world for the benefit of everyone.

Each issue of the magazine has articles on beautiful and intriguing plants, conservation, art and history. You’ll also find the latest news from both of Kew’s gardens and a diary of events for the season.

The contribution of top writers and photographers combined with outstanding design, high production values and editorial quality makes Kew a beautiful magazine and a well-respected ambassador for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Autumn 2019

The autumn issue is out now and includes a host of features that looks at our fascination with plants through art and horticulture, as well as cooking and drinking.

From taking an in-depth look at the beautiful botanical art collection of Dr Shirley Sherwood to asking which are the best houseplants for our windowsills, and looking at what new ingredients we might be cooking with in years to come.

We also meet with Kew’s scientists to ask what can be done to combat modern plant extinction – and save the plants that might be our crops and medicines of the future, and the habitats that help control our climate.

You can also meet some remarkable trees and discover the story of the fever tree. There’s plenty of inspiration for your visits to Kew too. Read two of our articles below, and get your copy today.

Members can view our digital edition of the magazine for free and non-members can subscribe here.

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Where to find Kew magazine

If you are a member, you will receive Kew magazine for free three times a year, with the option to receive it as a print magazine and as a digital edition for your tablet from Exact Editions. Once signed up to our digital magazine you will have access to our entire archive of over 90 issues, all of which are fully searchable.

Members can sign up to the digital edition of Kew magazine using their membership number (found on your membership card – beginning with M or W) as a subscription number. If you have problems registering, please email

If you are not Kew member, you can still subscribe to Kew magazine through our online shop.

You can also subscribe to the digital edition via the Exact Editions website at It is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Individual print copies can be purchased in any of Kew's shops—make sure you ask for a copy on your next visit.

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