Temperate Tipples

Taste beer and wine from around the world at an evening event at the newly opened Temperate House this autumn. 12 and 13 October.

Courgettes: King of the summer veg

Whether they're fried, baked, or tossed in a salad, courgettes are a delicious summer staple. Kew Kitchen Gardener Héléna Dove tells us more about these speedy green growers.

Water...or the lack of it

You don’t need to be a meteorologist to deduce that we’re having a dry spell. Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, shares Kew’s coping strategies.

No leaves left behind on the island: Hurricane Irma destroys forests

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma broke records when winds devastated the Caribbean. After the chaos died down, the islands’ beautiful plant life also bore the scars of a disaster. In Kew’s first known response to a humanitarian crisis, the Tree Gang and our science programmes joined forces to help.