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It's Pollinator Awareness Week (PAW)

Here at Kew we're passionate about protecting and understanding pollinators. Why not show your support for the week by taking the time to see the process of pollination in action at Kew, or closer to home in your own garden?

Bluebell wood at Kew

Digitising Kew's weeds

Due to the dedication of a Kew science volunteer, pressed specimens of plants growing wild at Kew have been made available online to assist local biodiversity management.

Amorphophallus titanum

Amazing Amorphophallus

Second year apprentice, Scarlett English writes about the genus Amorphophallus and a new display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Flowers from the mallow family

Exotic blooms for winter gloom

Jack Clutterbuck describes flowers of the mallow family, known botanically as Malvaceae, which grow in the Tropical Nursery at Kew.

Wollemi pine with seeds

UK's first Wollemi pines from seed

In 2011 seed I collected from Wollemi pines growing at Kew were germinated in our Arboretum nursery, producing dozens of seedlings. Now, two years, on we have lots of new young plants to add to our collections.

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Battling the weather to get the right shot

We've had an interesting day today; not only have we spent most of the day photographing willow artist Tom Hare and his team (a joy in itself), but we've had to dodge thunder, lightning, heavy rain and then bright, fiercely hot sunshine.