Photo of a painting of a tabby-cat hunting a mouse. Walter Hood Fitch, 1846. From Kew’s illustrations collection.

Kew's curious cats

The internet is made of cats – but, as this week’s look at the Library, Art and Archives collections shows, the presence of our feline friends in interesting places isn’t just a modern phenomenon!

Newspaper clipping with photograph of Hutchins in fur lined coat

Arctic Botanist: Isobel Wylie Hutchison

Find out about Isobel Wylie Hutchison intrepid botanist and Arctic traveller from Archives Graduate Trainee Philippa, who encountered a file on Hutchison in Kew's historic records.

Photo of the Royal coat of arms of the Elizabeth Gate


The practice of heraldry has shown remarkable staying power. From ancient battle origins, it has evolved into a whole language of colours and symbols that are still used today to represent countries, families, and organisations.

An image of oak leaves and acorns from Kew <em>Quercus</em> spp. Masumi Yamanaka, Watercolour on paper. Private collection.

A legacy of ancient oaks

A fascinating legacy of drawings was recently gifted to Kew from the Felix Dennis Estate, the first of which is now on display in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art.

Photo of historic plant specimens

A brief history of plants in books

People have stored pressed plants in book bindings since the 16th century. Book conservator, Sarai Vardi, discusses the historical relationship between plants and bound volumes.