Marianne North - Distant View of Mount Fujiyama, Japan, and Wistaria

Flora Japonica: Marianne North’s Japan

To coincide with the Flora Japonica exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, we look to Marianne North’s depictions of Japan, which represent the country as she saw it in 1875.

Photo of another of Fitch’s pieces for Curtis’ Botanical Magazine.

The art of Walter Hood Fitch

Francesca Railton from Kew's Library team looks at the work of Walter Hood Fitch, one of the most prolific botanical artists of all time.

Image of William Nesfield's plan of the Broad Walk

The Great Broad Walk Borders: history and design

Assistant Archivist Louise Clarke takes a look into Kew’s archives to find out more about the origins of The Great Broad Walk Borders and the man behind the designs, William Andrews Nesfield.

Photo of a painting of a tabby-cat hunting a mouse. Walter Hood Fitch, 1846. From Kew’s illustrations collection.

Kew's curious cats

The internet is made of cats – but, as this week’s look at the Library, Art and Archives collections shows, the presence of our feline friends in interesting places isn’t just a modern phenomenon!