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Welcome to the Wakehurst blog

Wakehurst is home to five national plant collections, extensive woodlands, formal planting and quirky features. Here you can follow events and stories from around the estate and find out more about the people and plants that make Wakehurst unique.
The Redwood Grove in the Arboretum at Kew
1st February 2019

Quick ways to reduce your carbon footprint

There are some easy things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are simple changes you can make today, brought to you by the Climate Coalition.
22nd January 2019

Cows and sheep have a winter holiday at Wakehurst

During the winter, Wakehurst becomes the seasonal home to some four-legged visitors. Read how they help us manage Wakehurst's delicate ecosystem.
Hamamelis 'orange peel'
4th January 2019

6 winter plants for your garden

Temperatures may have plummeted, but we’ve got seasonal ideas to challenge your green fingers, and a brand new Winter Garden to boot.
Creating the lanterns for Glow Wild
12th November 2018

Behind the scenes at Glow Wild, Wakehurst’s winter lantern trail

Kari Winter, Creative Lead for this year’s event, explains what goes on behind the scenes to create Wakehurst’s magical lantern trail.
19th October 2018

The beautiful autumn changes at Wakehurst

Wakehurst's Head of Landscape and Horticulture, Ed Ikin, has been a man of the land all his life. Raised on a farm, he has worked in horticulture for his entire career. Here he mulls over what autumn in the gardens means to him.
Autumn at Wakehurst (Image: Jim Holden)
11th October 2018

Forest Chi – Tai Chi for tree lovers

Our Bountiful Botanics weekend, 13 & 14 October, will offer our visitors the chance to try out Forest Chi. Here's everything you need to know about the therapeutic practice.
28th September 2018

The world’s richest bank: how we store the world’s seeds

We go down into Wakehurst’s underground vaults, which lay at the heart of our work to protect plants around the world – the Millennium Seed Bank.
25th September 2018

Behind the Secret Structures at Wakehurst

It’s the last few weeks of the impressive Secret Structures exhibit at Wakehurst. Artist Perdita Sinclair talks about her inspiration behind the beautiful light structure.
The nurseries at Wakehurst: Jim Holden
21st September 2018

Growing for science: Pushing the boundaries of propagation

How do you grow something that’s never been grown before? Ed Ikin, Head of Landscapes and Horticulture, explains how Wakehurst has stepped up to the challenge both in the nursery and in the grounds.
14th August 2018

Unite the Beat - making music from mulch, tunes from twigs and beats from branches.

The therapeutic benefits of music are well known. But how about bringing different generations together to make music from what they find on the forest floor? Emily Robertson from Unite the Beat talks about Sound Foraging at Wakehurst.
Andy Marsh with Emmenopterys Henryi
14th August 2018

Catch it now! Shy tree blooms for the first time in 31 years.

A rare Chinese tree is now in full bloom in West Sussex after an incredible 31-year wait.
24th July 2018

What colour is a bluebell?

From bluebells to rhododendrons, Wakehurst is awash with colour throughout the year. But what is colour in plants and how can we describe it? We spoke to artists Eloise Moody and Vicky Long and Kew scientist Paula Rudall to see what colour means to them.
20th July 2018

The false banana: a wonder plant

At Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst, our scientists will be dissecting this wonder plant and explaining its significance at the Science Cafe.
19th July 2018

The gardens are a living archive

Larry Achiampong has shown work at world-famous galleries, like the Tate and Somerset House. Now he is fusing art and science together for a one-of-a-kind exhibition at the Wonder Project. Here he talks of colonial histories and his muse, the 200 year old seeds.
Dani Ballesteros, cyropreservation scientist
2nd July 2018

A day in the life of a...Kew cryopreservation scientist

Ahead of the Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst, we step into the Millennium Seed Bank to chat to Dani Ballesteros, who will be demonstrating his cryopreservation techniques as part of the festival.
Alex Metcalf listening to a tree, Jim Holden
18th May 2018

Tree-listener brings the hidden world of trees alive

Tune in to the sounds beneath the bark with Alex Metcalf's tree-listening microphones.
Carrots, AMcRobb, RGB Kew
29th March 2018

Seed bank could protect your Easter roast

This Easter, scientists from the Millennium Seed Bank explain exactly what they are doing to protect the carrots for your Sunday roast - and lots of other foods that are regulars on our dinner plates.
Cyclamen at Wakehurst
27th March 2018

Cyclamen are Wakehurst's seasonal treasures

Find out which three species of cyclamen are grown at Wakehurst and get expert tips on how to grow them yourself.
Autumn at Wakehurst (Image: Jim Holden)
2nd October 2017

The calm after the storm

Wakehurst’s Garden Manager Chris Clennett revisits the Great Storm of 1987, when the estate lost 20,000 trees, and explains how the landscape has since been transformed.
Tree climbing at Wakehurst (Image: Jim Holden)
22nd September 2017

Why tree-climbing is making a comeback

Mark Hawes, Director of The Big Tree Climbing Company explains how tree-climbing is fulfilling our need for safe thrills, and how it can boost confidence as well as help connect us to nature.