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Browse our blogs to find information about Kew's collections, services and fascinating work that is taking place. You will also meet the Library, Art and Archive staff who will provide regular updates with news from projects they are involved in, treasures they have discovered and exciting new developments planned for the future.

Dr Livingstone, I presume? The Zambesi Expedition 1858-1864

Read about documents from the Zambesi Expedition in Kew's Archives.

Settling into the Archives: catch up with our budding archivist

Kew's Archives Graduate Trainee, Sarah, blogs about her fascinating work and the new skills she is gaining three months in.

#AskArchivists Day with Kew, 9 June 2011

Kiri explains how her team will be taking part in the international twitter event #AskArchivists Day and how you can tweet the team your questions.

A spot of cricket in the Directors' Correspondence archive

Read about a letter from K. S. Ranjitsinhji in the Asian Directors' Correspondence archive. Ranji was an Indian King and is also regarded as one of the best cricket batsmen of the Empire.

Fascinating collection of Ray Cowell's illustrations comes to Kew

Read about a new acquisition of illustrations by artist Ray Cowell, who painted fungi in astonishing detail - even including the teeth marks of hungry rodents!

The Monster of Massachusetts

Directors' Correspondence digitiser, Jon Nicholls, finds out about Francis Boott's encounter with the sea serpent of New England.

19th century America: impressions from the archive of Joseph Hooker

Discover a selection of Joseph Hooker's views on 19th century America, taken from the great botanist's expedition letters.
Photograph of Hooker by Dawson Turner from a drawing by J. S. Cotman and letter from Hooker

The life and legacy of Sir William Jackson Hooker

A new exhibition commemorates the 150th anniversary of Sir William Jackson Hooker’s death by celebrating his life and time as Kew’s first official director.
Wardian case received by Kew from Hong Kong

The Wardian case: a history of plant transportation

Philippa Lewis from Kew's Archives team reveals the important role of the Wardian case in the history of plant transportation.

An unexpected visitor

In her last blog post, Elisabeth writes about her experiences as the Archives Graduate Trainee and reveals more about an unexpected Victorian visitor to the Gardens.

Aitchison and Asia in the Directors' Correspondence

Uncovering the plant collecting experiences of a 19th century surgeon naturalist through his correspondence with Kew.

Crossing continents - The next phase of digitisation

Read about the recent changes within the Directors' Correspondence digitisation team and the start of our new project - digitising the Directors' Correspondence collection from Asia.

Rust, smuggling and the Number 11 mango!

Take a glimpse at the Museum of Economic Botany at the turn of the 20th Century, as discovered by our Archives volunteer in a recent addition to our collections.

History of art in the Directors' Correspondence: the painting of an iconic Kew image

Spiridione Gambardella's portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker is an iconic image of the great man - but how did this painting come about? Letters in the Kew's Directors' Correspondence collection shed some light on the process.

On the murder of Dr Charles Budd Robinson

Read about the death of enthusiastic plant hunter Dr Charles Budd Robinson in Ambon, as told by the murder report in Kew's archives, and learn why miscommunication can be deadly.

Welcome to Kew's LAA Blog

Learn more about the LAA team and what we are doing at Kew

Celebrating the tree

Artist Masumi Yamanaka is exhibiting her illustrations of Kew’s Heritage Trees at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art. This stunning exhibition is a great introduction to the many beautiful illustrations of trees to be found within Library, Art and Archives.
Photo of Geranium farreri specimen from Kew's Herbarium

Reginald Farrer: dalesman, intrepid plant hunter and gardener

Reginald Farrer, 'Prince of Alpine gardeners' was an eccentric plant hunter who made an invaluable contribution to alpine gardening.
Photo of pages from a 1664 edition of Theophrastus.

The grandfather of botany – Theophrastus of Eresus

What connection is there between Theophrastus of Eresus, one of the most important Pre-Linnaean botanists, and the library here at Kew? Now you can find out!

The Joseph Dalton Hooker Correspondence project - a preview

Introducing the Joseph Dalton Hooker Correspondence Project, a new initiative by Kew to digitise and transcribe the letters of Joseph Hooker, great Victorian explorer-botanist and renowned director of Kew Gardens. Find out more about the man and the project.