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Reminiscences from a year at Kew

Read Debora's final blog post as she leaves Kew to begin a Masters course in Library Science.
Debora Hodgson

I am writing during my last week at Kew and thought I would share with you some of my favourite moments over the past year. I can’t believe my time here is almost over. It has sped by. I am excited about starting my course but will miss everyone in the Library, as they were all so welcoming and willing to share their expertise.

I have enjoyed the varied nature of my work here at Kew. I have been fortunate enough to have catalogued many of the books that have entered Kew’s vast library collection this year and to see how my cataloguing has helped our visitors. Alongside my cataloguing and enquiry desk shifts, I have been able to work on various projects with Steph, the Archives Graduate trainee, including creating a display that celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and her links with Kew, and writing a guide to the book scanner. During my time here I have learned so much about how libraries are shaped by their users and how vital it is to embrace digitisation, and I know this knowledge will help me with my course.

Memorable moments in the Gardens this year

This year has been a great year to have been at Kew. The David Nash exhibition in the gardens and the Shirley Sherwood Gallery has been excellent and it has been interesting to see new pieces of David Nash’s work taking shape in the Wood Quarry.

 Oculus Slab, 2010, Eucalyptus by David Nash displayed in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

It was exciting to be here when the Olympic flame came through the Gardens as part of the official Olympic torch relay, and to experience the great atmosphere that it generated in the gardens. It was definitely a moment I won’t forget.


 The Olympic torch relay as it went through the gardens

I am leaving to begin a Masters course in Library Science at City University, London. I chose City to take my Librarianship qualification because the Library Science course there examines the changing nature of librarianship and the future of libraries. The course is also one of those accredited by CILIP the institute for library professionals.

Thanks for reading my blog posts this year and please look out for future posts from the new Graduate trainees, Marc and Elisabeth, over the coming months.

- Debora -



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