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Meet Reynard the Fox, trickster of the woods

Reynard the fox has lived in Kew's woodland his whole life. This winter, he's determined to leave his forest home for a new adventure. Tell us your story, Reynard.
21 November 2018
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Ellen McHale and Reynard the Fox

The city is calling

My name is Reynard the Fox, and I'm the trickster of Kew's woodlands. 

I've lived at Kew my whole life, but the city is calling and I'm determined to set off on a new adventure and become an urban fox. Let me tell you why. 


I don't fit in with the other woodland creatures. They call me a menace, but I like to think I'm just lively. I often play practical jokes on my neighbours, which are always really funny but they're a boring bunch who never play along. 

I stole honey from Bruin the Bear once. He's obsessed with his honey and could eat it all day long. He annoyed me with his constant munching so I gobbled it all up myself.

When he discovered his honey was gone, I helped him find some more in one of the big old oak trees...

He put his paw into the hole, but the bees weren't too happy and stung him all over. One of the bees stung him on the bum and made a hole  in his trousers. Ha ha ha I've never laughed so hard! 

The Fabularium performing at Kew: Jeff Eden

A new adventure

The woodlands aren't exactly lively. I mean, who wants to put up with creepy crawlies and soggy paws when you could be having fun with your friends? I want to eat fast food and party all night long, and you don't get many parties in the woods.  

Although most of the animals aren't my biggest fans, the one person I can trust is my Uncle, Grimbert the Badger. Grimbert doesn't want me to leave and has tried to convince me that the city isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

He's trying to stop me going, but it won't work. I've got my sights set on the big city and no one can stop me... 

Meet Reynard the Fox and Grimbert the Badger this winter and find out whether Reynard leaves Kew Gardens for the big city. Book your ticket for Tales and Trails now.